GIS for Archaeological Sites in the Red Sea


The project is carried out with Aram Heritage Consulting Office.

Solution Overview

The project consists of two main business axes.
the first axis concerns GIS and includes the design of forms to register all
archaeological sites of different types and the design of Geo-databases, the second axis includes the design of database models to follow up and inspect all archaeological sites in the region.
The project includes the following characteristics:
• Design and develop Geo-database.
• Provide PinHub product.
• Designing data form for: archaeological sites, historical sites, folklore, urban heritage, and submerged heritage.
• Designing a model for identifying the needs of a cultural heritage site.
• Designing a model for documenting infringements on a cultural heritage site.
• Designing a follow-up form for archaeological sites.
• Designing an inspection form for archaeological sites.

The project completely depends on GIS open source and on Penta-b PinHub products.

Solution Added Values

Register all archaeological sites of different types and link them to the Geo-database creating a whole complete system for
registering and following up on all archaeological sites with detailed data.