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Who we are

Penta-b is an Egyptian GIS vendor, technology, and professional services provider, with the vision to be the first Arab GIS software vendor that owns & develops ready-made, state-of-the-art products (COTs) in-house with a global positioning, providing at the same time advanced professional services capabilities to adapt to its customers’ needs and support the products delivery. Penta-b also is a very people-oriented company and considers its staff the key asset. Penta-b supplies its products & services in the MEA with expansion plans to go overseas into North America, Europe & Latin America.

Why Penta-b

As we’re proud innovators with diverse knowledge of business know-how, we make sure our customers are always one step ahead, and make it easier for them to always win over the competition by providing: - Latest technologies.
- High quality services.
- Shorter service delivery.
- Safety and confidentiality of our customers.
- Minimal risks with fixed price solutions.
- Quick delivery with the help of our readymade products.
- Scalable and extendible output.
- Reasonable prices.
This helps our customers to always have an advantage over their competitors and make them come out ahead easier with the advantage of cost and time. We keep our customers’ confidential information secret because we’re ethical and we realize the ramifications of such a leak.

Penta-b Furnishes State-Of-The-Art Products In The Following Eras:


Maps&Apps Cloud edition is a SaaS version of PinPack, branded under the name Maps&Apps (MnA) and is basically a market place for maps, layouts, plugins to help the users contribute easily and build enterprise level applications in simple steps.

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for the automation of organizations business processes with the value and power of GIS as a core component.

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Penta SMART Incident Management system that targets SMART communities for emergency and non-emergency incidents management as well as the monitoring operators.

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Penta-b is the pioneer and leader of open source in MEA and plays a vital role in the distribution and education of the market with the values and stability of open source GIS. We embed open source GIS technology stack to provide the needed infrastructure in terms of maps, database engines and other necessary servers to help the customers have the full ECO system. We also cover the GIS professionals needs with the open source desktop QGIS.

Professional Services

Penta-b provides professional geo-database modeling and design, with high-quality outputs

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Why choose us

Whatever your industry is we can help you reach your goals

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Our Vision

We at Penta-b aspire to be the undisputed leader in MEA at providing GIS enterprise, SMART solutions, and global markets with GIS ready-made products, recognized for setting the technical and performance standards in all our business verticals, and for professionally enabling our customers to work and perform ahead of the competition.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that our customers are always ahead of competition and to increase profitability with minimal risks. We seek leadership by innovation.

Our Values


We believe the best way is yet to be invented. We stimulate creativity and inspire break-through ideas and initiatives.


We do what is right and we do what we say. We act out our values without compromise. We always act ethically and lawfully.


We embrace the Four Absolutes of Quality. We strictly conform to requirements, adopt a prevention mindset, and meet a zero-defect performance standard, eliminating the price of non-conformance and achieving customer satisfaction.


We are people-oriented and we lead by innovation, honing the skills of our employees to maximize their creative output which results in coming up with dynamic solutions for our clients

Flexible And Customer-Focused

Adopting a “Can Do” approach means we undertake our work professionally to build close and strong alliances and best serve our customers.


We promote an environment of open and constructive cooperation that encourages engaging in group work. By respecting people and valuing the diversity in approaches, this group work arrives at inspiring success.