Oman MOT Geo E-Services Automation


The project is being carried out with the Ministry of Tourism in the Sultanate of Oman and aims to automate more than 100 electronic services and develop the Ministry's geographic information system by relying on Penta-B products, PinPack and PBPM workflow engine.

Solution Overview

The project consists of two main business axis , the first axis concerns GIS and includes the establishment of an institutional work system in the ministry and the design of Geo-databases and the provision of Geo E-Services to support the objectives of digital transformation and mechanization, the second axis includes automation and through which more than 100 electronic services are automated Using a new workflow and product engine to produce transactions and applications, the Penta Business Process Modeller.

The project includes the following characteristics:
- Design and develop Geo-database.
- Provide PinPack product to support office work, search, quiries, and reporting.
- Provide Geo E-Services to support mechanization objectives.
- Provide a product that can be built on a dynamic PBPM workflow engine
- Development of 100 automated electronic services.
- Integration and linking with the authorities and entities concerned with development.

The project completely depends on GIS open source and on PinPack products and the Activiti dynamic workflow
engine and the PBPM automation application.

Solution Added Values

• Developing 15 electronic services every two months without any software works or codes, through PBPM settings.
•The first open source geographic information systems project in the Sultanate of Oman.
• Integration with more than 13Authorities, entities and systems for creating transactions.