Makkah Mountainy Roads Study and Analysis


Makkah mountainy roads study and spatial analysis solution aims at utilizing GIS in the analysis and study of new mountainy roads solutions by empowering the department officers with the necessary tools that help them prepare the study analysis and requirements and to generate the study reports, the solution entitles vector and mapping analysis using Geo-Processing services

Solution Overview

The solution aims at empowering Makkah municipality, Mountainy roads department with the tools that help them generate their study reports regarding the analysis and study of new mountainy roads by integrating Sabel system in Makkah municipality (workflow requests manager application) in order to preview the request information and the proposed road geometry, the solution utilizes GIS in analyzing the proposed roads to prepare the study report.

The solution empowers the department officers with the ability to import the proposed roads CAD files (prepared by engineering officers) regarding the study case so that the officer imports a file that represents the new roads proposed locations along with another file that represents the full job boundaries to specify the study area.

The officers use the solution in order to prepare the study report, the study report requires searching and spatial searching capabilities and measurement tools, the mapping, searching and thematic analysis were utilized using PinHub. The solution also empowers the officers with specific interface to perform the different geo spatial analysis to the study solution by utilizing advanced geo-processing models that analyze the solution boundary and roads proposed locations relative to different vectors and rasters such as rocks falling rasters, Contour maps and topography maps, the Geo-processing models calculate the raster/vector analysis values and provide summarized recommendations to the officer, the officers use the analysis results to generate their study reports.

The solution empowers the officers with high quality printing capabilities and advanced printing capabilities to generate the study report including the analysis summarized results and attachments in one single report.

The solution helps the officers to print high quality thematic and analysis maps to be bundled with the study report.

Solution Added Values

• Integration with Sabel follows the municipality directions in unifying all requests procedures through Sabel • Time saving and higher quality by utilizing the GIS geo-processing modeling against the different rasters and vectors to automatically print the system recommendations regarding the study area.
• Utilizing Python to easily manipulate the different study areas and easy to generate study report.
• Less time and higher quality to the engineering offices submitted jobs.
• Better decision making and geo enabled study and analysis tools.