MCIT Governorates


The client is the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and as a party in the project, it is a consultant for the project, in favor of ten governorates: Alexandria, Beheira, Kafr El Sheikh, Qalyubia, Dakahlia, Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, Fayoum, and Minya. It aims to automate the work in the governorate’s general office by Property Department, Announcements Department and Field force Department.

Solution Overview

This project comes to establish a nucleus for geographic information systems in the governorates and aims to support Property Department with the following:
- The tools needed to inventory and document the governorate's properties from lands through GIS desktop Application for mapping, through institutional work by linking with a central database located in TE Data, and operating in the form of Multi-tenant.
- Provided an open source web mapping server to standard maps for governorates employees.
- Provided PinHub web applications for property management to browse maps that will be produced, printed and shared with the other administration.
- Provided PinBoard decision support application application for the Governor to review employee performance indicators.
It also aims to support advertising department with the application PinCollector, PinHub, PinBoard, to collect the billboards and includes a dynamic workflow engine to automate the process of issuing and renewing advertising licenses. Each department produces a set of indicators that are presented to the Governor through the PinBoard application to browse the work indicators interactively.

It also aims to automate the tasks of field work teams, including inspectors and inventory teams, by making use of the PinCollector application for business automation, ensuring efficient inspection and updating maps from the site.

Solution Added Values

• The entire project is based on open source technology and Penta-B applications and is considered the cornerstone for establishing a geographic information systems center in each governorate.
• Automating and raising the efficiency and control of field inspectors.
• Good use of state resources through an inventory of state properties or through a re-evaluation of the license price of billboards.
• Real-time follow-up on the progress of work by the governor.