King Abdelaziz Foundation for Research and Archive (KAFRA)


The customer is King Abdelaziz Foundation for Research and Archive (KAFRA) and the applica/tion is mobile based (Android, iOS) for the Saudi heritage geonames exploration and information finding.

Solution Overview

From the standpoint of achieving and fulfilment of the KSA Vision for 2030, and of the National Transformation Program; and to fully benefit from services offered by King Abdelaziz Foundation for Research and Archives - Darah (KAFRA) in this respect and making them available in an accessible manner for the public, the KAFRA has officially launched the Smart Phones App on the website for the Saudi Geonames Explorer Project ( It must be known that this App will be fully compatible with all Smart Phones systems, and designed according to the latest and most up-to-date techniques used in setting up Smart App.
This project aims at designing a Smart App on the Google Play & Apple Market that enables the users to search for geographical names in the KSA within a database that contains more than 73,000 geographical names, displaying the location of each name on the Google Map, as well as providing a review detailing other aspects of each geographical name, such as its Arabic and Romanized forms, its where-about’ s in the various administrative regions of the country, and its category whether residential, agricultural, mountainous, sandy, marine etc., in addition to its coordinates. The App also allows the user to add new geographical names by himself, besides finding the nearest geographical names from the current user's location and creating-avigational route that leads there.
The project is the first mobile app in KSA based on Open source GIS.

Solution Added Values

• Easy to use Saudi geonames explorer on all smart phones operating Android and iOS.
• Fast response to serve 73,000 geonames over the map.
• Download rate in less than six months is 50,000 downloads with rating 4.1 in the first release.