CAPMAS Labor Force Survey (LFS)


TThe solution is funded from the International Labor Organization for the automation of the labor force survey which is a continuous survey process for CAPMAS each quarter; the project main objective is to automate the field force survey process and to obtain digital based surveying system that directly integrates with the centralized data centers of CAPMAS to immediately analyze the survey data and to provide automation and optimizations to the field processes.

Solution Overview

The solution comes to the core business of CAPMAS where the agency is mandated to perform labor force survey each quarter during the year to collect information that represent the labor force across the country; the project main objective is to automate the activities of 500 field surveyors through tablet based collection application through the utilization of PinColletor in PinPack in order to provide tablet based GIS collector application to support the field force with the ability to specify the sample location, collect the data in digital form that exceeded 70 pages in its paper format along with the ability to capture photos onsite; the project objective is automate the process; elminate the paper work; automate the field force activities and to provide real-time insights to CAPMAS on the field activities progress and to have immediate information from the field rather than assembling the information from the paper forms.

The project is based on PinCollector and open source technologies. The project is composed of two phases; the first one is targeted to automate the activities of Q2 2018 LFS through the direct use of PinCollector; the second phase objective is to implement more automations in the sampling process, analysis process and realtime monitoring dashboard. The project is Penta-b first implementation of PinCollector in Egypt.

Solution Added Values

• Eliminated paper cycle field survey.
• Real-time monitoring to field force activities
• Smart data collection E-Forms
• Shorter time to complete the survey
• More efficiency in monitoring and ensuring field activities quality