Associate Delivery Manager

The purpose of this role is to provide specialist advice and guidance, expertise and training to support the creation, dissemination and on-going maintenance of systems, resources and related management solutions.

Must Have

· Bachelor’s degree in Software engineering, computer science or similar related filed
· 2 years of Experience
· Results-oriented, strategic thinker and planner.
· Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
· High level of integrity and professionalism. · Excellent verbal,
organizational and written skills.
· High experience in negotiation and tactics skills

Job Responsibilities

· Review customer orders and plan and coordinate delivery activities
· Build positive and productive working relationships with customers for business growth.
· Analyze and troubleshoot delivery issues in a timely fashion
· Manage Team leaders to ensure timely and accurate customer deliveries
· Perform resource allocations and workload assignments according to delivery requirements.
· Ensure that team maintains high level of competence and operational excellence.
· Evaluate the performance of team members and determine training needs.

N.B. Do Not Attend The Interview Formal.